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The Sounding Boards Network is a supportive and inclusive network to connect people who might otherwise not meet. We fill the gap between befriending, advice services and mentoring. 

‘Over the last few weeks Jo’s sounding board services have been so helpful to me in the stressful business of finding a new home.  I love the concept of The Sounding Boards Network and am looking forward to being a part of it as a volunteer’.



Our Story

The Sounding Boards Network operates in London for people aged 18 and over as a response to the widespread and often hidden agony of social isolation which has been made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Sounding Boards Network has been set up to offer an opportunity for anyone who feels in need of some extra support or guidance to have someone to discuss a problem with or simply to talk.

We fill the gap between befriending, advice services and mentoring, providing a forum to encourage conversation and problem solving.

We are a supportive and inclusive network.

Helping to reduce social isolation

by connecting people to provide mutual companionship and support

Providing help with problem-solving
Creating opportunities to CONNECT WITH PEOPLE
Sharing our skills and learning new skills

Photos by   Helen Rayner of Moon Street Studios.  Check out her Instagram here:

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